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Principal’s Message

Ryan Stein

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We have so much to celebrate as the school year begins.  We increased our test scores in Reading (89%) and Math (96%), while making a significant decrease in our discipline referrals with the implementation of our House System. As a pioneer for innovation, Greenwood was one of four elementary schools in Henrico County recognized as a “Deeper Learning Impact School,” which speaks volumes about our teachers and the daily instruction taking place in the classrooms. The year was filled with collaboration, not only within our building, but with our feeder pattern middle school, Hungary Creek. We successfully achieved our goal of becoming closer to creating a K-8 school as we formed a cohort of teachers that shared resources to actively engage our students in diverse educational, social, and civic learning experiences. We are proud to share that we received over $15,000 in grants and over $30,000 from community partnerships and donations. These funds were used to create a cycling room, Maker Hub, and a book room.  Furthermore, Greenwood Elementary implemented Henrico County Public School’s first ever school-wide Student Led Conferences, Math 24 Tournament, Henrico Cup Soccer Tournament, and May Madness Basketball Tournament. 

For the 3rd year in a row, Greenwood will receive the Virginia Naturally Recognition Award for our implementation of our outdoor garden, indoor Tower Gardens, and raising trout and chickens.  Mr. Danny Jones, our first grade teacher, was recognized as a Henrico Top 20 Teacher with the Henrico Citizen and Mrs. Robin Milwit, our kindergarten teacher, won the R.E.B. Award for Teaching Excellence receiving $11,500 to study emerging technologies that will help develop students’ social and emotional skills by visiting schools and educational technology companies in Finland. Our Associate Principal, Mrs. Lesha Jackson, was also recognized as The Heart of Henrico for her passion and commitment to making a difference in the lives of our gators. Furthermore, Greenwood has many teachers that presented at the Life Ready Conference in June 2019 and additional teacher professional development opportunities throughout the summer to share their best practices. Our hope is that these practices will continue to build a culture of excellence through authentic connection and achieve our goal of being recognized as the most diverse National Blue Ribbon School in the state of Virginia in 2020. 

Our PTA also had a tremendous school year by increasing its membership to over 100% and applying for the PTA School of Excellence Award. The PTA hosted an after school enrichment program with over 100 students (+20% of our student enrollment) participating in our 11 programs in the spring of 2019, which made Greenwood the largest after school enrichment program at the elementary level. As a matter of fact, because of our success with our PTA after school enrichment programs and two week summer camp, Greenwood was selected to be the first elementary school in Henrico County to host an after school day care program.  Our PTA put a major emphasis on advocacy for student and teacher health and wellness, as well as celebrating cultural differences.  I am proud to have collaborate with a PTA that believes in all children and has a never ending fire for making a long lasting impact in our community. We had a phenomenal year, BUT we are determined to top it this year! 

2019-2020 is our year! We will remain committed to providing a safe, nurturing, inclusive, and innovative environment to our diverse community of learners to ensure success for each student. Our students will once again be empowered to take risks, held accountable for their own learning, inspired to think critically, and serve outside of the school walls.  We will continue to support the foundation of social and emotional development of our future community leaders as they start the journey to becoming college and career ready. Students will be encouraged to pursue their passion, goals, and future as we create go-getters, decision makers, designers, creators, self starters, and dreamers. They will tap into their questions, their own sense of wonder, and empathy towards an audience. Students will be given choice, student ownership, and allowed time for inquiry in order to foster creativity and navigate their own learning. Our teachers believe it is our responsibility to develop passionate, lifelong learners, ready to tackle the real world and be prepared for anything. 

We will continue to teach with contagious enthusiasm and positive energy that will ensure we live out our mission statement, “Every Student, Every Family, Every Employee, Every Day! ONEGreenwood!”  Our success will only continue to grow with the partnership between the school, home and community.  Our school theme is Not Just a School, An Experience, and we wholeheartedly believe it is our job to provide our gators an unforgettable school experience. Our relentless teachers are wildly and unabashedly different as they have made the mindset shift from “required” to “desired.” Using the Four Pillars of Deeper Learning:  Learning is Anytime, Anywhere; Learning is Authentic & Connected; Learning is Student-owned; and Learning is Community Supported, our students’ experiences will support growth in their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Our students will engage in divergent thinking as they find new routes to solve complex problems, take creative risks, and challenge the status quo. It is our hope that their experiences at Greenwood will prepare them for the many adventures awaiting them beyond elementary school. 

I can promise our community that I believe in all our students, and I take my job as an educator personally. My main priorities are safety in the building, student achievement and continued improvement of instruction that supports the development of deeper learning environments and experiences. I will speak the truth, insist upon brilliance, take risks, model what I expect, empower others to enhance instructional practices, and always make decisions with a kid first mentality. I believe that a child’s background does not determine what they will accomplish in education or in life. I believe that it is imperative for me to be reflective and constantly seek feedback from all stakeholders on how I as a leader can improve in order for our school to become the highest achieving school in the state of Virginia. I promise to lead with fire, think outside the box, be real, and always be available for our students. I promise to be our community’s equity champion, make all stakeholders feel valued, and hold people accountable for providing the most magical educational experience. I take pride on building a culture of inclusion to maximize the strengths and potentials of our diverse learners. I promise to continue to build a school foundation based on fun and love and treat our students as if they are my own children.

Please make sure you check out our PTA website and look for all the many places we could use your support this year as a volunteer. We are a successful school due, in large part, to the commitment and support from our PTA. No job is too small, and volunteering is a great way to meet new friends. Please consider committing your time this school year to make a difference for your child. Together, we can make a difference!

If at any time I can be a service to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  It is my goal to make our building inviting for families throughout the school year.


In partnership,


Ryan Stein

Greenwood Elementary School



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