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Teachers of the Week

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Ms. Hall & Mrs. Farrar: Video

Ms. Green & Ms. Jones: Video

Ms. Newbill & Ms. Koenig: Video

Ms. Edwards & Ms. Turner: Video

Ms. Martin & Ms. Barlett: Video

Ms. Rutman & Ms. Puryear: Video

Ms. Goodman & Ms. Stansberry: Video

Ms. Casey & Ms. Wilson: Video

Ms. Ashford & Ms. Wrighter: Video

Ms. Alves & Ms. Milwit: Video

Cafeteria Staff: Video

Ms. Berdux & Ms. Hudson: Video

Ms. Tyler & Ms. Mackey: Video

Ms. Guelig & Ms. Barker: Video

Ms. Sferlazza: Video

Ms. Wilbur & Ms. Wheeler: Video

Ms. Meekins & Ms. Mimi: Video

Ms. Kouri & Ms. Price: Video

Mr. Taylor & Ms. Axselle Video

Custodial Team

Ms. Jackson & Ms. Jones

Ms. Sizemore & Ms. Baum

Ms. Carr & Ms. Barnes

Ms. Farmer & Ms. Anderson

Ms. Cooper & Ms. Jones

Ms. Wakefield & Ms. Metz-White

Ms. Murphy & Ms. Eslinger

Ms. Mendoza & Ms. Hues

Ms. Coward & Ms. McLauren

Ms. Orange & Mr. Tillman

Maintenance Team

Ms. Taylor & Ms. Leigh

Ms. Lewis & Ms. Calvaneso

Ms. Plunkett & Ms. Fandel


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