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Faculty & Staff


Ryan Stein – Principal
Lesha Jackson – Associate Principal
Amy Eberhard – Student Support Teacher
Jacquelyn Simien-Jones – Office Manager 
Christina Medico- Office Registrar

Mental Health and Wellness Support Team
Holly Guelig – School Counselor
Kaitee Nicholas – School Counselor
Lori Knitter –  Psychologist
Lauren Bache – Social Worker   
Jennifer Chenault – School Nurse
Jennifer Robinson – Family Advocate

Instructional Specialist and Coaches 
Danny Jones – Innovative Learning Coach
Maura Farmer – Reading Coach
Jennifer Coleman – Math Coach
Karen Hues – Science Specialist
Alissa Straus – Social Studies Specialist 
Valerie Anderson – English Second Language 
Marsena Perez – English Second Language     
Charlotte Walker – Gifted Resource Teacher

LAMPS Teachers
Amy Coward – Librarian 
Andrea Hobbs – Librarian Assistant
April Barlett – Art
Maria Murphy – Music
Melissa Elkins – PE

Preschool: Early Child Special Education
Tarsha Ashford (Department Chair)
Kim Carr – Instructional Assistant
Katherine Miller
Lauren Dean – Instructional Assistant
Froozan Sabawoon – Instructional Assistant

Preschool: ECSE/Reverse Inclusion
Courtney Gibbons-Plowcha
Tracy Seay – Instructional Assistant               

Preschool: Early Learning Preschool Teacher
Teresa Jones
Ashley Barnes – Instructional Assistant
Donna Hopkins – Preschool Lead Teacher

Dennis Beck  (Grade Level Chair)
Kayla Compton
Robin Milwit
Lyndsey Smith
Evelyn Lichtman

1st Grade
Meredyth Rutman (Grade Level Chair)
Jacob Baker  
Scott Miles
Victoria Riss
Sarah Trenham

2nd Grade
Cindy Leigh (Grade Level Chair) 
Jacob Clark
Katie Hall 
Kaitlyn Glessner
LeYuani Wilson 

3rd Grade
Nicolle Farrar (Grade Level Chair)
Allison Reed
Karen Martin 
Leslie Wrighter 

4th Grade 
Lecia Meekins (Grade Level Chair)
Carlee Parker
John Bowman
Laurie Casey
Kati Baum
Donna Kouri

5th Grade
Anne Koenig (Grade Level Chair)
Tricia Conlon 
Mandi Green
Carter Turner
Kati Baum
Donna Kouri

Exceptional Education/Student Support
Jake Anderson – K-5th (Department Chair)
Janiece Ross – K-5th
Perry Jones-  K-5th
Holly Baltz – K-5th
Andrea Lewis – Occupational Therapist
Jan Wheeler- PEDD Homebound Administrator
TBD – Physical Therapist
TBD – Speech                                                     

Instructional Assistants 
Jennifer McDowney 
Lorna Jahn
Jermaine Gilliam                     
Tre’Von Woodson 
Victoria Fitzgerald
Aaron Wood
Cynthia Gonzalez
Rachel Whitaker
Dylan Bultje 
Samia Zakaria 

Teacher and Student Supports
Charles Gaie – Technology Support
Sonya Samuel – Retired Teacher/Student Support Assistant
TBD – Permanent Substitute
Dalia Zeidan – Permanent Substitute

Mina Faltas – Head Custodian
Jacqueline Thomas
Sherif Mosad
Effat Shenoudd

Dane Clark – Supervisor
Michael Washington
Gregory Lofton

Cafeteria and Nutrition
Valerie McLauren
Ronnette Dillard
Carolyn Willenborg – Cafeteria Monitor
Richard Patterson – Cafeteria Monitor 

Learning and Discovery/Extended School Program: 2 PM – 6 PM Daily
Holly Baltz: Greenwood Site Coordinator –
Cindy Peat –
(804) 652-3869

After School Enrichment Program