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Clubs and Organizations

Book Bowl: 5th Grade
In an effort to promote literacy and a love of reading, Greenwood will be creating their first Book Bowl team. Students will have to read selected books and complete a series of tests and worksheets in order to become a member of the team. The Book Bowl team will have a competition the 4th 9 weeks!

Buddies: K and 5th Grade
Selected 5th grade Gators with be paired with kindergarten Gators as “Buddies”. These buddies will meet once a month after school and participate in exciting activities. This is an awesome opportunity for our 5th graders to gain experience as a leader and mentor. Kindergartners will develop a friendship that will last all year!

Flag Raiser: 5th Grade
Students will learn how to raise and lower the American, Virginia, and Henrico flag. They will be able to perform this important task daily. Students will learn the value of following a routine and start their day with a sense of accomplishment.

Friendly Helper: 5th Grade
School counselor Mrs. Guelig will teach students valuable conflict resolution skills in this exciting club. Students will discuss how to deal with bullying, exclusion form peer groups, academic challenges, presenting ideas and challenges to adults in effective ways and much more. These students will also play a vital role in welcoming our guest for Career and JA day.

Future Teacher Leaders (FTL) – Partnership with Glen Allen High School
Glen Allen High School students will visit Greenwood on selected Mondays to develop a relationship with our Gators. These high school students will be positive role models for our students as they continue to work on their dream of becoming future educators. This is a great opportunity for our young students to ask questions about school after Greenwood and be mentored by the impressive young men and women of Glen Allen High School. Our FTL will also assist with our quarterly Gator Gatherings.

GEMS (Girls Empowered and Motivated to Succeed): 5th Grade
These young ladies will have the mission of coming into this group as a wonderful caterpillar who seeks to become herself…a beautiful butterfly. Ms. Wilbur will lead this team into some great discussions about bullying and leadership. Successful women throughout our community will be invited to join their monthly meetings. 

Greenwood Gents: 5th Grade
Mr.Taylor, one of our outstanding 5th grade teachers, will lead young men on the journey to becoming gentleman as they prepare for middle school. These students will engage in monthly lunch discussions about important topics like gratitude, appreciation, trust, optimism, respect, accountability, responsibility, honor and chivalry. Students will also discuss the importance of self-care. The impact that diet, hygiene, grooming, manners and positive leadership have on perception and relationships with both peers and adults will also be discussed.  Greenwood gents will wear ties/bowties and assist with car drop off arrival from 7:20-740 AM on Fridays.

Green Thumbs: 3rd – 5th Grade
Greenwood is going to have the best garden in town thanks to these students! These students will learn the lifelong skill of maintaining a garden and will be in charge of tasks from planting to pulling weeds. Their hard work, pride and joy will be on display as you pull into the parking lot! Grab your gardening gloves and let’s show everyone why Gators have green thumb!

Math 24 Club: 3rd-5th Grade.

Students can join Mrs. Wakefield, our gifted resource teacher, in the cafeteria on Monday mornings from 7:20-7:40. Math 24 is a game where students must add, subtract, multiply or divide four numbers to get an answer of 24 as quick as they can. The club will culminate with a Math 24 competition where students who tryout for Greenwood’s Math 24 team will compete against other elementary schools in Henrico County.

Morning Announcements: 5th Grade
Lights! Camera! Action! These students will be on the big screen every morning announcing important school items! Participants must be comfortable speaking in front of the camera and provide a lot of enthusiasm to pump their classmates up for a great day!

Safety Patrol: 5th Grade
These students will have the important job of helping making our great school as safe as possible. Their duties will include helping teachers with hallway duty and holding signs by the school buses. These students must be role models throughout the year and consistently demonstrate the 5 principles of a true Gator (Grateful, Accountable, Trustworthy, Optimistic, Respect).

STEM & Math Team: 4th & 5th Grade
Calling all young math and science experts to Ms. Kouri’s lab! If you love math and science this is the club for you. These junior scientists will serve as assistants to Ms. Kouri in preparation for our first annual STEM and Math on Thursday, November 10th. Students will also have the opportunity to lead science experiments of their own!

Teacher Assistant: 5th Grade
Another great mentoring and leadership opportunity for our 5th graders. Students will have the opportunity to assist our kindergarten teachers on selected mornings. Teacher assistants will have important classroom roles including reading to students, explaining math concepts, or helping teachers with classroom tasks. These students will truly be teacher assistants!

Morning Clubs: 2nd – 5th Grade
Selected participants will have the opportunity to be involved in our mentoring program on Mondays. Students will discuss monthly character traits with Greenwood’s incredible resource teachers. Gators are encouraged to arrive at 7:20 AM on Monday with a positive attitude for success! Some of the offered activities include Track, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Syncopation and Soundsations, Art Club, Reading Theatre and S21.

Rubik’s Cube Club: Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Grab your cube and practice your moves! This team will be lead by our gifted resource teacher, Ms. Wakefield, and participate in a county competition. Students will meet on Wednesday mornings from 7:20-7:40. This is a great program to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills!

Yearbook Club: 5th Grade
Student Editors (2 representatives from each 5th Grade Class) meet monthly during ‘working lunches’. Students learn about photography, design layout, publishing, advertising, editing, and everything else it takes to produce the yearbook. The yearbook club comes up with ideas and themes all while learning and completing production of the book

After School Clubs and Organizations

Destination Imagination: Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Greenwood will continue to participate in Destination Imagination, which is a non-profit, volunteer-led, cause driven organization. The purpose of this club is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Gators on the Go: PK – 5th Grade
Be part of starting a tradition and get in shape at the same time! The first annual 3K Turkey trot will be held on November 19th at Greenwood Elementary School. Students and families will have to the opportunity to train for the race every Saturday at 9 AM from October 1st through November 12th. The Weekend Warriors will also train during the early spring and participate in the 1 Mile Monument Kid Fun Run.

GATOR Camp: 5th Grade
Rising 5th graders at Greenwood Elementary School are invited to participate in Gator Camp. Our 5th graders will discuss what it means to be a Greenwood Gator as they attend breakout sessions on building leadership, respect, teamwork, and accountability. They will learn about available 5th grade interest groups and responsibilities, Our Gators will participate in team building activities so please wear athletic clothing and tennis shoes.

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