1st Quarter Conferences

Greenwood Families,

Attending the 1st quarter parent-teacher conferences is another great way to get involved with helping your child succeed at Greenwood. We will be offering both virtual or in person conferences between 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM on November 4. Please note that you must indicate your preference in the comment in the signup.


Administrative Team

Ryan Stein – Principal

Lesha Jackson – Associate Principal

Jordan Truda – Student Support Teacher


Mental Health and Wellness Support Team

Holly Guelig and Kaitee Nicholas – School Counselor


Instructional Specialist and Coaches 

Danny Jones – Innovative Learning Coach

Maura Farmer – Reading Coach

Valerie Anderson – ESL

Shannon Wakefield – Gifted



Dennis Beck

Kayla Compton

Kaitlin Johnson

Robin Milwit

Emily Thompson


1st Grade

Scott Miles

Meredyth Rutman

Lyndsey Smith

Sarah Vrhovac


2nd Grade

Katie Hall

Cindy Leigh

Kaitlyn Glessner

LeYuani Wilson

Cathy Gaitor


3rd Grade

Tricia Conlon

Nicolle Farrar

Karen Martin

Victoria Riss

Leslie Wrighter


4th Grade 

Lecia Meekins: Math, Science, & VA Studies

Carlee Parker: Reading & English

Amy Eberhard: Math, Science, & VA Studies

Laurie Casey: Reading & English

Donna Kouri: Reading & English


5th Grade

Charles Taylor: Math, Science, & Henrico History

Anne Koenig: Reading & English

Mandi Green: Math, Science, & Henrico History

Carter Turner: Reading & English

Kati Baum: Math, Science & VA Studies


Exceptional Education Teachers                                                    

Janiece Ross – K-5th

Rachel Parks –  K-5th

Jennifer Koslow – Speech

Jennifer McDowney – K-5th


Preschool: Early Child Special Education

Katherine Miller

Tarsha Ashford


Preschool: ECSE/Reverse Inclusion 

Courtney Gibbons-Plowcha


Preschool: Early Learning Preschool Teacher

Teresa Jones