Sunday Greetings: 9.26.21

Safety Updates 


Wednesday, September 29 – 5th Grade Family Gathering 

We are excited to host our first 5th Grade Family Gathering as the students gather with their housemates to prepare a chant, dance, and/or step routine to perform at our first Unity Day Celebration on October 8! 


Morning Clubs 

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Greenwood’s House System 

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October 4 – Fall Pictures 


Early Dismissals

Requests for early dismissal must be made in writing to the teacher by a parent. Early dismissal should not be requested after 1:45, unless it is an emergency.  This allows our office staff to focus on maintaining a calm and orderly dismissal of our bus, car, and daycare riders. The conditions under which the child is to leave school, including the name of the person calling for the child and the time, must be stated in the written request. Parents are asked to come to the main office to sign out the child, who will be called from the classroom over the intercom. A student may not leave the school building or grounds without signing out in the main office. Parents, or previously approved parent designees, are required to present a picture identification card when picking up children.