Fundraising Update


Our current leaders:

Leading House in Donations: Sol ($6,110)

Leading House in Emails: Tatonka (317)

Leading House is Registered Students: Kula (35)


WHAT: Our simple and easy fundraiser. No products, no selling, no delivery, no money collection.

WHY: To raise money for our annual budget and all that we do at Greenwood. In our first 5 days, we collected $20,000! An amazing effort by our families.

WHERE: All online and virtual from the safety of your home.

WHEN: Right now! We have two weeks left in our campaign. Each house that hits their $5,000 goal gets to go to the big GLOW party at the school!

WHO: So far, 166 Gator families have registered loading a combined 1,311 emails into our platform! Gator students are participating and are earning free house gear for themselves.

HOW: Have you taken 5 minutes to register? For simply registering and loading 10 emails into our platform, you earn a FREE house shirt for your student. Click the link of your student’s house to register and load your 10 emails.

Thank you for taking action TONIGHT to help your child help our school!