Nov 15

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11.15.20 – Sunday Message

Dear Greenwood Families,

Thank you so much for answering your Return to Learning student intent survey. We were proud to report that we had 100% participation of our students/families on Monday, November 9, which allowed our team time to create an instructional model that would help us accomplish most of our 5 main goals for each grade level.  

  • Keep our in person classrooms under 13
  • Keep our virtual classroom rosters under 25
  • Keep cohorts of students and/or teachers together 
  • Meet all student’s service minutes both in person & virtually
  • Keep 4th and 5th grade departmentalized


Results Pre-K K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
In Person 23 40 40 42 51 43 39
Virtual 18 34 53 47 53 60 48
Total 41 74 93 89 104 103 87


Kindergarten and First Grade Families: 

After reviewing our data and collaborating with all of our teachers, some students in grades Kindergarten and First grade will have changes to their homeroom teacher assignments. We have determined that an instructional model of having 3 in-person teachers and 2 virtual teachers is best for our young learners. We will have to think creatively on how we can fit a 14th desk and/or table into some of our classrooms or move a classroom into a larger area, which may include the gym or cafeteria. Our Kindergarten and First grade will have the highest amount of students in a classroom throughout the instructional day, and therefore, we can not accept any new students to transition into an in person classroom at this time as we do not have the physical space or additional staffing. 

Virtual Teachers Ms. Hall, Mrs. Thompson/Mr. Bishop
In Person Teachers Mr. Beck, Mrs. Milwit, and Ms. Compton  (13 – 14 per class)

1st Grade
Virtual Teachers Mrs. Pena and Ms. Smith
In Person Teachers Mrs. Leigh, Mrs, Rutman and Ms. Johnson (13 – 14 per class)


Second – Fifth Grade Families

After reviewing our data and collaborating with all of our teachers, we have determined that there will be minimal changes to classroom rosters; however, some changes will be made due to maintaining safety precautions and an effort to keep in-person numbers at a minimum. These teachers will provide instruction using a blended model of simultaneously teaching students in-person (while wearing a mask) and virtually. 

Classroom rolls have been finalized, and Henrico County Public Schools central office has determined that all elementary school parents should be notified on Wednesday, November 18 with a personal phone call from our administrative team at Greenwood if their child’s  teacher has been changed. All new class rosters will take effect, beginning Nov. 30.

All classrooms with students in-person will be equipped with individual plexiglass for each student and the teacher. As a reminder, students must arrive at school with a mask and keep it on throughout the day in order to keep both other students and staff members safe. The instructional day will also be 8 AM – 1 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Henrico Country central office has determined that Wednesday will be marked as a Wellness Wednesday and live instruction will be from 8 – 10 AM and 10 – 1 PM will be asynchronous learning opportunities. 

We would like to remind ALL families that the Student COVID Health Screener forms must be returned to school before students are permitted into the building. A copy of this form was sent home in the Learning Kit on Nov. 6. We will have a drop off container in the front of the building for you to return the forms. Additionally, you may drop it off during the next Learning Kit pick up/drop off date, Nov. 20. Furthermore, if you are an in person learning, you will receive a yellow car pick up tag in the learning kit on November 20. 

I would also like to offer another Open Forum to answer questions and/or concerns on Friday, November 20 regarding the 2nd marking period. Our goal is to remain visible and available for our students and parents. Join Microsoft Teams Meeting – Friday @ 8 AM with Mr. Stein

Timeline of Upcoming Events

  • Roster Change Phone Calls November 18 – HCPS Mandated 
  • 1st Quarter Conferences November 19 
  • Principal Open Forum 8 AM November 20 
  • Learning Kit Pick Up/Drop Off November 20 
  • Master Schedule Released November 20
  • Teacher Meet and Greet TBA
  • Roster Changes in PowerSchool November 24
  • In Person Begins (PK – 2nd) November 30
  • All NEW Rosters Begin (PK-5th) November 30
  • In Person Begins (3rd – 5th) December 7

Our big ask is for your financial support with our PTA Gator Fund in order for us to purchase a few additional safety items for our teachers and staff. 

Finally, we appreciate your patience and flexibility throughout this process.  Our next steps will be to continue to focus on preparing our campus and our teachers for the return of in-person learners. As soon as we receive information regarding transportation, we will share that with you. 




Our Greenwood Administrative Team

Ryan Stein, Principal rtstein@henrico.k12.va.us
Lesha Jackson, Associate Principal lmjackso@henrico.k12.va.us
Jordan Truda, Student Support Teacher jatruda@henrico.k12.va.us
Holly Guelig, School Counselor haguelig@henrico.k12.va.us
Jae Jones, Financial Secretary jtsjones@henrico.k12.va.us
Anita Sikka, Office Registrar asikka@henrico.k12.va.us
Jennifer Chenault,  Clinic jechenault@henrico.k12.va.us
Danny Jones, Innovative Learning Coach dejones@henrico.k12.va.us

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