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Sep 14

Back to School Details


Back to School 
@ Greenwood Elementary School
September 20, 2018
6:00 – 7:45

Session 1: 6:35 – 6:55 PM
Session 2: 7:00 – 7:20 PM
Session 3: 7:25 – 7:45 PM

The sessions below were created through the feedback from our parent surveys and community workshops. Sessions will be lead by teachers, administrators, HCPS Specialist, parents, and even STUDENTS!


Topic Description
Playing is Learning Don’t underestimate the value of play! Children learn and develop: cognitive skills, physical abilities, language and new vocabulary, social skills, and literacy skills through playing.
Establishing Routines Learn about routines and embedded learning opportunities that are easy to put in place at home, and can make your child’s life (as well as your own) easier.
“I Can Do It By Myself!” Children are eager to show what they can do by themselves.  We’ll talk about fostering independence in preschool students while using a system of least prompts and a bit of patience.


Kindergarten – 1st Grade
Topic Description
The Reluctant Reader Is your child slow to pick up a book and hesitant to read? There are all sorts of reasons kids may be unwilling to read: lack of interest, difficulty reading, or a negative association with reading. Regardless of the cause, we’ve got tips, activities, and advice that will encourage your reluctant reader to start turning the pages.
Raz-Kids Learn about Raz-Kids, the free online reading program where your child can listen to and read books on their level. Discover the benefits of Raz-Kids and how to set-up this free app on your mobile device or tablet.
Social & Emotional Learning What are the essential skills that will help your child to be “life-ready?”  Find out how we can increase academic success, while we reduce emotional tension and build self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationships.  
Kindergarten Questions Have a question about being a KinderGator at Greenwood? Come to this kindergarten Q & A session, and we will answer them!
Mastering Math Come learn some hands on tips and tricks for your child to develop a great number sense. We will provide strategies on how your child can improve their math skills with parent support and as an independent practice.


2nd – 5th Grade
Topic Description
Social Media Awareness &

Bullying Prevention

Hearing this lately? “I want an iPhone!” Wondering how to respond? Wondering how to manage screen time? Want to know what kids are doing on their phones? Want to understand how bullying take place online and how to help your kids? We want to share some tips and strategies to tackle these issues.
How to Help @ Home Why is reading at home so important? Come and learn helpful  tips for how to assist your student’s reading progress. Websites to support the skills we are learning in class will be shared.
The Reluctant Reader Is your child slow to pick up a book and hesitant to read? There are all sorts of reasons kids may be unwilling to read: lack of interest, difficulty reading, or a negative association with reading. Regardless of the cause, we’ve got tips, activities, and advice that will encourage your reluctant reader to start turning the pages.
Mastering Math Do you have a student in grades 2-5 who you would like to help with Math at home? Come learn about (and try out!) some teacher-approved online sites you can access from your couch!
Tools Needed to Succeed in Middle School Are you worried about your child being in middle school one day soon? We survived! Several 8th grade students from Hungary Creek Middle School will speak on the challenges and successes of middle school transition. They will share some of the tools needed to be a survivor too.
PowerSchool Do you know what Power School is? Want learn how to see your child’s current grades on your phone?


K – 5th Grade
Topic Description
PTA Information Members of the PTA Board will be answering all your questions about our programs, our mission and all the ways you can get more involved in our school family! Learn about After School Enrichment Programs, Fall Festival, being a Room Parent, the upcoming Talent Show and all the ways you can support our Gators without spending an extra dime.
Healthy Habits In order for your child to have the best learning experience and continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, they have to be at school. Therefore, come learn some healthy habits to keep your child feeling good during the upcoming flu season. This is also a great opportunity to learn about what Greenwood is doing to keep our students safe and healthy during snack and lunch.
Deeper Learning @ Greenwood Henrico County Public Schools has  implemented a Deeper Learning Model to ensure that schools are practicing all the 21st Century learning skills in their classrooms daily. This is to help our students develop key skills to become future leaders.  Come and find out what the Deeper Learning Model is and learn how to better enhance your students’ learning at home!
Growth Mindset The brain is the most powerful part of our bodies! Growth mindset celebrates the fact that our effort and attitude determine our abilities, and we can learn anything with practice and persistence. Come learn how adopting a growth mindset helps children embrace and appreciate challenges, build confidence, and foster resilience in the classroom and beyond.
Gifted Process Are you curious about the gifted process in Henrico County? Come learn about what gifted is, when you can refer your child, how the process works and what it means if your child is identified gifted.
Eager to Learn English Would you, as a parent of a child in Henrico County Public Schools, like to learn how to speak more English? We will share information about classes being offered so parents can improve their English speaking skills. Plus we will provide some online resources that will help your child improve in all subjects. Finally we will discuss our International Night, so come with any great ideas!
New to Greenwood Come learn the best ways to stay connected with the school and PTA. We will share highlights on our school website and showcase our social media platforms. We will review the GREEN folder, master calendar of events, and the importance of our teacher’s Thursday communication.
Courageous Conversations In today’s society our children are exposed to ideas, information and experiences that raise questions about complex issues, including personal safety, equity, and social justice. Parents may feel unsure about how to address “grown up” concerns with children. This session will provide tips and resources for engaging in these conversations with elementary aged children.
Welcome to our House We Are Family…Welcome To Our House!  Here at Greenwood, we are embarking upon a VERY exciting transformation!  Come find out about all of the amazing new things we are doing to embrace FIVE Houses…ONE Family!   
Building Confident Students All our students have different gifts and talents. Everyone one of them is special and unique in their own way. Therefore, come learn some strategies on how to build confident students as they encounter an area of difficulty.
After School Routines Establishing a consistent routine with your students is essential to their academic success.  Join us to learn more about balancing homework, after school activities, screen time and family fun.  
Dreambox Come learn about a new math computer program our students will be participating in this year.  It is an adaptive and interactive program that students can use here at school and at home to boost their math skills.  


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Sep 13

Change of Date

The Glen Allen Day Parade has been postponed until October 20, 2018. We will have a competition between the Houses for participation, so make sure to mark your calendars and have your spirit wear ready!

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Sep 13

Who is Winning?

Your house can earn points for…..
– sending emails as part of our Build our Bookroom fundraiser
– attending Back to School Night

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Sep 13

Back to School

Back to School
September 20
6:00 PM
We are hoping for 100% attendance! 

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Sep 13

Take Home Folders

Due to school closing on Friday, September 14, please be on the look out for your child’s graded papers tomorrow, Thursday, September 13.

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Sep 11

Car Drop Off

With the anticipation of increased rain and winds towards the end of the week, we expect a higher volume of car riders in the mornings. To avoid longer than usual lines, please consider arriving earlier than 7:40 AM or putting your child on the school bus. As a reminder, students who arrive after 7:40 AM will require a parent to escort them into the building and sign them in. As always, we must always consider the safety of our students. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

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Sep 03

Parent Workshop – September 20

Mark your calendars for a very special Back to School Night on September 20 from 6 – 7:45 PM. We are changing the format and hosting a “Parent Workshop” with topics generated from our Community Priority Workshop and Parent Surveys.
Therefore, we will host three, 20 minute rotations (6:35 – 6:55 PM, 7:00 – 7:20 PM, 7:25 – 7:45 PM) and you will have several HOT topics to select from. If you would like more information on a particular subject that is not listed below, please contact our principal @ rtstein@henrico.k12.va.us as our agenda will not be finalized until September 7.
After School Enrichment
Welcome to My House
Social Media Awareness & Bullying Prevention
How to Stay Connected
What is Clever?
STEAM @ Greenwood
How to Help @ Home/Study Skills
Healthy Habits
Growth Mindset
History MVP
The Reluctant Reader
Mastering Math
Playing is Learning
Cookin’ N’ Crockin’
Gifted Process
Exceptional Education F&Q
New to Greenwood
Common Sense Media

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Sep 03

Traffic Safety Plan

Traffic Safety Plan: Please look at this diagram of the Greenwood parking lot to help you drive the correct way for student Car Drop Off/Pick up.

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Sep 03

Picture Perfect

Print your FREE Henrico ‘back-to-school’ sign and show us your spirit! Just go to our website to print your favorite design. Then, on Tuesday, Sept. 4, post your photos and use the hashtag so we can see them! Here’s the link: http://henricoschools.us/september-2018-back-to-school-signs/ 

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Sep 03

Peanut Safe School

As you begin to prepare for the 1st day of school, please remember that we are a “Peanut Safe” school. Students should not bring peanut products for a classroom snack; however, in the cafeteria, we have designated sections for packers, buyers, and students with food allergies. Our top priority is keeping all our gators safe!

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